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The City Council have chosen the name and logo for the Hiking/Walking Trail that will overlay the Thielsen Street sidewalks, doing so at their meeting last month.

The logo is from a drawing of a tule matt teepee and the name will be the Native American name for the Echo area "T’ko" plus "Echo."

The native name was a place of the Tules, (Bull Rushes) and was pronounced very similar to Echo. The logo will be professionally drawn by a graphic artist so it can be used on signs and stencils.

The area was named for the abundance of Tules that grew on the swamps of the Echo Meadows. Tocappo, place of the Tules was one of the permanent Umatilla villages before the Treaty of 1855.

Tules were used for food and to make matts for sleeping or to cover teepees or lodges.

Hiking and Walking Trail, Echo Oregon

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