Umatilla Masonic Lodge Hall

Umatilla Masonic Lodge Hall, Echo Oregon
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Umatilla Masonic Lodge Hall

National Register of Historical Places
20 S. Dupont Street
Echo, Oregon
Info: (541) 376-8411

The Masonic Lodge was built circa 1868 in Umatilla Landing, making it the second oldest Masonic Lodge in Eastern Oregon. When the railroad was constructed, Umatilla Landing followed the course of many boom towns and boosted. The county seat was shifted to Pendleton and many of the buildings were abandoned.

The Masonic Lodge as well as at least three other commercial buildings were relocated to Echo, where they remain today. As a result, two of these, the Masonic Lodge and Umatilla County Jail, are two of the oldest buildings in the county.

The Lodge was taken apart, the pieces marked, loaded on a railroad car, and moved to Echo in 1906 where it was reassembled. The total cost was approximately $160. The lower floor was rented to businesses (one was a pool hall that sold Near Beer) and the top floor used for lodge activities. In 1910, the lodge members paid to have a basement dug and the building was moved 50 feet south to its current location .


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Umatilla Masonic Lodge Hall, Echo Oregon

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