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Echo Municipal Departments

Here is a comprehensive listing of government and operational departments for the City of Echo. Services governed by separate taxation districts and contract agreements are also listed

Phone numbers are listed for your convenience. To contact any department electronically, visit our contact page and specify the department name in your message.


Richard Winter, Ph.D.

City Council

Jeanne Hampton
Pat Wood
Jerry Gaunt
Gayle Yoder
Karl Jensen

City Administrator

Diane Berry(541) 376-8411


City of Stanfield Police Department

Dispatch(541) 966-3651
Non-Emergency(541) 449-3245

Building Permits

Issued through the State of Oregon in Pendleton(541) 276-7814

Fire Protection

Echo Rural Fire Protection District(541) 376-8118
Merle Gehrke, Chief


Echo Cemetery District(541) 571-2426
Kathy Enright, Secretary
Dave Clark, Sextant

City Operations

Echo City Hall(541) 376-8411
Echo Community Center(541) 376-8411
Echo Hills Golf Course(541) 376-8244
Echo Public Library(541) 376-8411
Echo Trailer Park
Fort Henrietta RV Park(541) 571-3597
Fort Henrietta Park(541) 571-3597
George Park(541) 376-8411
Oregon Trail Arboretum(541) 376-8411
Water and Sewer Services
Zoning and Land Use Planning

Applications and Forms

Business License Application
Dog License Application
Dog Problem Information Guide
Tree Selection Guide
Utility Service Application
Nomination Form: Outstanding Community Service
Public Art Request for Proposals


Official Designations

Click any photo below to enlarge and view it at full size.

Official City Tree Enlarge
Red Horse Chestnut. 

The Dorn Tree Enlarge
The name of the Red Horse Chestnut in Fort Henrietta Park honoring the Dorn/Mendenhall Family. 

Official City Flower Enlarge
The Dahlia. 

Dahlias Enlarge
Dahlias, the Echo City Flower, blooming at City Hall.