Arlington House

Arlington House (Echo Hotel), Echo Oregon
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Arlington House (Echo Hotel Restaurant-Lounge)

National Register of Historical Places
131 W. Main Street
Echo, Oregon
Info: (541) 376-8411

Built by J.H. Koontz in 1882 and was added to the National Register in 1997, the building is a Greek Revival style. The building is currently vacant, while it is being renovated, but has been a popular restaurant & lounge until recently .

The porch and balcony in the historic photo (right) c. 1950 were pulled down by a runaway horse and wagon soon after the photo was taken. The building was also home to the undertaker, whose workshop was on the third floor.

The hotel closed in the late 1960s.

Some former employees believe the building is haunted and it does have an interesting history, which included finding bullet holes in the wall that give credence to a local story from the 1920s.


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Arlington House (Echo Hotel), Echo Oregon

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