Koontz Building

Koontz Building, Echo Oregon
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Koontz Building

National Register of Historical Places
141 N. Main Street
Echo, Oregon
Info: (541) 376-0421; info@snoroadwinery.com

Built in 1904-05 by J.H. Koontz, this beaux-arts styled building served as a general store and feed and seed. Son-in-law, Charles Miller, and F.T. George then operated the George & Miller Store until their new building was finished in 1910 on Bridge Street.

Then came the O.B. & Bob Store. At some point the building was converted to a restaurant, then bowling alley. After the bowling alley was closed c. 1972, the building became a fiberglass factory for constructing satellite dishes and boats.

The city of Echo sold the building in 2009, Renovation was recently completed and building unveiled as the new home of Sno Road Winery and tasting room.


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Koontz Building, Echo Oregon

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